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aroura3Tickle, tickle, tickle! Do you enjoy giggling and just happiness in general? I do! I recently had a couple reach out to me and ask me if I was available as an escort to hire for a double date...a husband and wife, and me! Sure I was! Once I met this duo, I found out I was in for a night full of laughter. Read on to find out how my date went!

It Was Fun And Games From The Beginning

When I was called, I was asked to wear something comfortable rather than trying to impress my dates with fancy clothing. They indicated they would like to go out to a comedy show with me rather than hit any nightclubs or or casinos. I sure could use a laugh and I was pretty darn excited for the night ahead. Let's go and find the funny in things together!

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trisha2I am Trisha and I am here to serve! I just had to say that after the experience I just had with a couple who wanted some role-playing incorporated into their date with me. Read on to learn how I gave them everything they wished for!

The Call Came In And I Was Intrigued

I have had all kinds of dates before and some of them did have role-playing featured throughout our time together. I've been the naughty schoolgirl, the French maid, and the police officer. This one takes the cake though! I got a call from a gentleman asking me if I was available for couples. Of course, I am! Well, then he asked if I could do some role-playing as part of the date. Sure! He told me from now on, he would only be referred to as "the King" and his wife as "the Queen". He gave me the date and time he preferred and left me there with my mouth open. What was going to be doing? I guess I would soon find out!

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mabel2I can't say enough about how caring our escort was when it came to putting my wife at ease. We hired Stevie for the job and she couldn't have been more perfect! She went out of her way to make sure my wife was comfortable with every single detail that we went through before they took place. She was easy to talk to and extremely easy on the eyes, which made it exciting for me to say the least. My wife was totally happy with the experience and can't wait to book another session! -- Chad D.

Olivia was the name of the escort we hired and I have to say, it was such a good time I can't wait to try it again! -- A satisfied wife

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Opal 3Hello! Hola! Welcome! My name is Opal, and I am one of the escorts you can hire for a couples session. If you have thought about spicing up your relationship with your significant other, a date with someone like me can certainly be beneficial. How to I make sure to give partners equal attention? Read on to find out.

I'll Think About Each Person When I Dress For The Date

Before I head out for a date with you and your partner, I take special consideration when selecting the outfit I'll be showing up in. If I don't have any information about you or the love of your life, I tend to wear clothing that is conservative, yet sexy. I won't go with something all that revealing. Many times, females will not like to be overshadowed by an escort. They like being the focus of their partner's attention as much as I am....and rightfully so! I'll wear something that shows just enough to tempt and tease without screaming out, "yeah, this is what sexy looks like". I like to keep it subtle. 

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blaire3You and your significant other are going to be in Las Vegas for St. Patrick's Day. Congratulations! You are going to want to enjoy the festivities the city has to offer for this big holiday. Afterward, you'll want to spend some time reflecting on what you had done together. Consider trying something totally new and off-the-beaten-path to make March 17th a day to put down in the history books.

Invite A Sexy Woman To Join You

Spending time with an escort is an option that you might not have considered, especially if you have your girlfriend or wife along with you. Adding an escort to your party, however, is a wonderful way to put some pizazz into your relationship. It is best to alert your significant other about your desire to try a date with an escort before you head out. Let your girl know that an escort will be there to show you the best spots in the city and will help you get to know each other romantically in new ways. Think of it as an experiment. We think you will both have a lot of fun. Allow your wife or girlfriend to help you pick out your escort by looking at the profiles on our website. She'll meet up with you when and where you wish and will make you both feel completely at ease. 

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kiko4If your love life with your partner has been lacking lately and you are searching for a way to spice up your relationship, hiring an escort for the upcoming Valentine's Day is an idea that may reap the rewards for both of you. Our escorts aren't exclusively for men only. Here's what you'll enjoy with your significant other if you decide to hire one of our gorgeous escorts to celebrate the holiday with you.

Fun Out And About With A Date

If you aren't from the area, you won't know the hotspots to bring your partner too for the holiday. Bringing along someone who knows the ins and outs of the city is advantageous. You'll have a personal tour guide who will lead you and your significant other to the best restaurants, bars, and nightclubs in the area. You won't need to worry about ending up in a bad area of town and you'll have the most fun in the spots where locals frequent because of the atmosphere. No one will be the wiser that you had hired your escort. They will just think you have a friend around to accompany you for the evening.

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Asia3If you are looking for a thoughtful gift to give to your significant other this holiday season, thinking outside of the box can be rewarding in more ways than one. A couple's massage is an exhilarating experience for both parties involved and can lead to an increase in the romance department. Here are a few ways you can give this type of gift to your partner.

1. Obtain A Gift Certificate Explaining The Process

If your girlfriend, wife, or lover has never had a couple's massage in the past, they may be a bit concerned about what they can expect from the procedure. Set your partner's mind at ease with a gift certificate complete with instructions about the process so that they know exactly what will happen when the big date arrives. This can be printed out by yourself and included with the gift certificate so your partner can read it at her leisure. The prospect will get her thinking, and she will likely be excited about the session coming her way.

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destiny1If your marriage has caused your love life to be put on the back burner because of everyday priorities such as your job, children, and financial situation, taking the time to surprise your husband with a sexy encounter may be just what is needed to put the spice back into your relationship. Hiring an escort or two to give you and your partner a couples massage is an excellent surprise that will be sure to do the trick. Here are some tips to keep in mind so your surprise is one your husband will be extremely excited to find out about.

Pick Out An Escort With Your Husband In Mind

The escort you select to give you a massage should be one that you think your husband will find attractive. This will help to set the mood for the session, ensuring he will be all hands on deck about the situation. A good rule of thumb is to select someone who has similar features to your own...after all, your husband is attracted to you...he married you! Take a look at our website to look at the profiles of our available escorts so you know what yours will look at before she arrives. While you are at it, select someone for yourself if you want to have a couples massage in tandem. Your escorts will arrive dressed to impress and will show you just how much fun it is to spend time relaxing together.

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beth5If you are married, you have likely heard the phrase "happy wife, happy life" in the past. There is nothing closer to the truth! If your wife is happy, it'll come back tenfold. Here are some ways you can ensure your wife is content with your lifestyle, helping you reap the reward of happiness for yourself as well.

It's The Little Things That Matter

Most wives love being told they are appreciated. Make it a priority to let your partner know just how much you value their contributions to your household and relationship. This does not have to be done verbally each time. Jot down quick notes of appreciation and slip them into your wife's pockets, vehicle, or even in the refrigerator with her favorite snack. Pick a handful of wildflowers and give them to her "just because". Bring your wife a cup of coffee in the morning to start her day from the bed. Do the same with a glass of wine before she heads in to slumber for the night. Small gestures of appreciation make a big difference!

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blaire4You're in Vegas with your significant other and looking for something to pass the time that you will both enjoy. What do you do? Most people will hit the casinos, try going out to a club or two and take in a romantic dinner. These are standard everyday occurrences in Sin City. What if you want something more? Consider a couples massage! Here is a rundown of this type of experience so you know what to expect should you decide to take on this delightful session for excitement.

Selection Of The Perfect Masseuses For The Job

When you get a couples massage, it is best to have a separate person available to tend to each client. This means picking out two beautiful women from our vast selection available. Sit down with your partner and browse through the provided profiles. Pick out someone you find attractive and allow your partner to do the same. Make sure you are also attracted to your partner's pick as you may decide to swap masseuses partway through your session to find out what different touches feel like.

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trishaIf you are currently married or in a relationship with a partner, and you are curious about what it would be like to have another party to enjoy time with along with your love interest, you may have contemplated hiring an escort for this reason. There are many benefits to hiring an escort, some that you may not have thought about. Read on to find out why this is the right way to incorporate fun and fantasy when you are one half of an established couple.

There Are No Strings Attached

When you want to spice up things romantically with your partner, having a third person join in with private escapades could do the trick. This is a risky endeavor when you turn to someone you already know. There is the worry about your private life getting out into the public if this person decides to spill the beans. There is a problem with this person becoming so involved that they won't want to stop even if one of you want to. There is also worry about your partner turning to this person without you being involved should they become attached to them. Turning to an escort will take away the worries as there is no contact made with you or your partner after your endeavors are completed...unless you want a repeat performance.

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Opal 2Give Your Partner A Gift They Will Appreciate To The Fullest

If you are currently involved romantically, and want to spice up your relationship a bit, you may want to consider having a couple's massage with your partner. This is a great way to bond with your love interest, while allowing some time for them to be pampered at the same time. A couple's massage is a great way to put some kick into your love life as well. Imagine watching your partner enjoy themselves to the fullest, while completely nude, in a setting where no one but the two of you and your masseuses will be able to spectate the occasion.

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Fara San DiegoThe Girls In San Diego are Different From Other Escorts

The San Diego escorts are truly original and it is exactly why you need to come on out and experience them for yourself. Sure, you are going to find some pretty sexy and hot escorts in Vegas. Nobody is going to tell you otherwise. But do you know where these beauties would rather be? Along the coastline in California, soaking up the sun and hitting the beach whenever possible.
They might be good at their job, and they are going to give you a good time, but there is something missing from them. They don't have that same California girl charm. That athletic, want to be outside and have fun all day kind of attitude. Escorts in Vegas are the night owls. The ones who don't get up until the sun is already down. Escorts in San Diego are different.

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Mia In HoustonExperience The Sports Scene With A Houston Escort

There is so much more to the Texas sports scene than the Dallas Cowboys. Sure, the Cowboys have been around the longest regarding NFL teams, and there are plenty of college football going on around the state. But when visiting Houston, you need to have your own bit of sports entertainment. So, if you are a sports fan, are you ready to take in some of the best sports not only in the state, but in the country? From the professional teams to the incredible venues, there is just nothing like Houston sports. Of course, if you want to make it that much better, all you need to do is book yourself an escort in Houston. These escorts in Houston are going to take your time and transform it into something even more incredible.

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Escorts in NYCDo The Town Right With The Manhattan Escorts

If you are going to be visiting New York city, you need to know how to do it up right. After all, New York City is unlike any other city you've been to in the world. There's just so much to see and do. Whether you like sports, attractions, shows, food, or anything else of that matter, New York has the right spots for you. But what is the best way to take all of this in? Do you want a tour guide or someone else for that matter who is able to help you?

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