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Asia3If you are looking for a thoughtful gift to give to your significant other this holiday season, thinking outside of the box can be rewarding in more ways than one. A couple's massage is an exhilarating experience for both parties involved and can lead to an increase in the romance department. Here are a few ways you can give this type of gift to your partner.

1. Obtain A Gift Certificate Explaining The Process

If your girlfriend, wife, or lover has never had a couple's massage in the past, they may be a bit concerned about what they can expect from the procedure. Set your partner's mind at ease with a gift certificate complete with instructions about the process so that they know exactly what will happen when the big date arrives. This can be printed out by yourself and included with the gift certificate so your partner can read it at her leisure. The prospect will get her thinking, and she will likely be excited about the session coming her way.

2. Hire An Escort For A Fun Night On The Town First

Before you delve into the excitement of a couple's massage, test the waters by hiring an escort to accompany your significant other and yourself for a night on the town. She will help you find the right locations to frequent so you both have the time of your lives. She'll spice up the conversation, be exhilarating to watch because of her stunning looks, and will feel more like a friend to each of you rather than someone who will boost your love lives. After the session, ask your partner how she would feel about inviting the escort back to your place for a couple's experience. Chances are a yes will be coming your way. Alternately, have your escort present the prospect before the end of your date.

3. Spring The Surprise Right Before It Happens

When it comes to having a couple's massage, you may have difficulty convincing your partner that it is a good idea to try this guilty pleasure. Instead of encouraging your partner to sign up for a massage, spring a surprise on her so that she doesn't have to make the decision at all. Invite an escort over and have her explain the process to your partner at the time of her arrival. Another idea is to have your escort show up in a public location unbeknownst to your partner. Your escort can do the work in "picking up" your partner and yourself, and give you both the massage after you all get back to your place at the end of the night. This is a bit naughty as your partner will not know you hired the escort at all. The results, however, are the same....a relaxing massage with your partner!