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mabel2I can't say enough about how caring our escort was when it came to putting my wife at ease. We hired Stevie for the job and she couldn't have been more perfect! She went out of her way to make sure my wife was comfortable with every single detail that we went through before they took place. She was easy to talk to and extremely easy on the eyes, which made it exciting for me to say the least. My wife was totally happy with the experience and can't wait to book another session! -- Chad D.

Olivia was the name of the escort we hired and I have to say, it was such a good time I can't wait to try it again! -- A satisfied wife

My old lady bought a gift certificate for a "couples massage" and I laughed at her. I feel bad about that now. I told her inviting someone else into our private life isn't going to improve our love life or improve anything else about it. Boy oh boy was I wrong. The woman who showed up to our home was nothing short of professional, yet sexy and inviting. You weren't really sure what she had up her sleeves, but let me tell you...it was a doozy. We can't wait to do it again! -- "Biker John"

Let your inhibitions go and relax to the touches of a masseuse with your partner...all in the comfort of your home or hotel! We had an escort named Opal and she was so pretty and so caring to us both. My husband was a bit scared to invite another woman into our bedroom...Opal made it easy to want to get to know her better. She gave us both massages that were out of this world and what happened afterward is something my husband and I will cherish forever. We are all set up for another session soon...I can't wait! -- Roxanne

If you never had a couples massage before, you are truly missing out. Your wife or girlfriend will be happy with the outcome and that means you will reap the reward...bigtime. I'm telling you guys, if you have any worries about it....let them go! The process is easy, the meetup and hangout was flawless and didn't feel stilted whatsoever, and the massages were much better than the kind you would get at a spa. Plus you have the opportunity to see, talk to, and touch a woman almost as gorgeous as your significant other. Seeing them together will get you going and you won't be able to stop once you get there! Do yourself a huge favor and book your date with one of these women. You'll be glad you did! -- Charlie T.