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blaire3You and your significant other are going to be in Las Vegas for St. Patrick's Day. Congratulations! You are going to want to enjoy the festivities the city has to offer for this big holiday. Afterward, you'll want to spend some time reflecting on what you had done together. Consider trying something totally new and off-the-beaten-path to make March 17th a day to put down in the history books.

Invite A Sexy Woman To Join You

Spending time with an escort is an option that you might not have considered, especially if you have your girlfriend or wife along with you. Adding an escort to your party, however, is a wonderful way to put some pizazz into your relationship. It is best to alert your significant other about your desire to try a date with an escort before you head out. Let your girl know that an escort will be there to show you the best spots in the city and will help you get to know each other romantically in new ways. Think of it as an experiment. We think you will both have a lot of fun. Allow your wife or girlfriend to help you pick out your escort by looking at the profiles on our website. She'll meet up with you when and where you wish and will make you both feel completely at ease. 

Go Out And Have An Absolute Blast

Going out with an escort means you'll be led to the prime hotspots in the city. She'll know exactly where to go and when so you get the best experience out there to party. You'll both feel as if you are out with a friend and you'll have tons of laughs together. She'll be flirtatious with both of you, however. This could be a bit of surprise at first for your wife or girlfriend, but she'll ease right into the role and will wish for more. You'll see!

Bring Your Date Back To Your Place

After your Irish festivities draw to a close, bring your escort back to your place for the real action. She'll strip down and have you both do the same. This is extremely erotic and it'll make you want to explore her and each other in detail. This can be done with some stripteasing, lap-dancing, and of course, the ultimate massage you have been waiting for. Let her teach you some of her tricks and you can try them out with your wife or girlfriend later on. She'll make you both feel relaxed and completely satiated when all is said and done. There's so much more to enjoy, but don't take our word for it. Call and set up your appointment and find out for yourself!