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trisha2I am Trisha and I am here to serve! I just had to say that after the experience I just had with a couple who wanted some role-playing incorporated into their date with me. Read on to learn how I gave them everything they wished for!

The Call Came In And I Was Intrigued

I have had all kinds of dates before and some of them did have role-playing featured throughout our time together. I've been the naughty schoolgirl, the French maid, and the police officer. This one takes the cake though! I got a call from a gentleman asking me if I was available for couples. Of course, I am! Well, then he asked if I could do some role-playing as part of the date. Sure! He told me from now on, he would only be referred to as "the King" and his wife as "the Queen". He gave me the date and time he preferred and left me there with my mouth open. What was going to be doing? I guess I would soon find out!

I Showed Up Ready To Please My Clients

I dressed nicely for my date because I was unsure about where we would be going or what we would be doing. I didn't want to look too "slutty" if you know what I mean. A respectable skirt and blouse worked out just fine. I knocked on the door of the "King and Queen's" home and waited to find out where my date would lead. I was anxious yet excited.

We Went Out And I Quickly Found Out My Duties

The couple was a bit older but seemed very nice. They indicated we would first be going out to dinner to get to know each other. Fine by me, I was starving! Plus, I wanted to find out about them as well. We went to a fine establishment and when I had reached for my glass of water to take a sip, I was told that the King would like a sip of his water first. Um, ok? So I waited. Bizarre. Later, the Queen told me she needed me to accompany her to the women's room. Fine? I was starting to catch on. I was the submissive! They were the dominates. Game on!

I Made Sure To Adhere To Every Rule To The Tee

When we got back to the couples' home, I was the perfect servant for them. Since I was able to catch on to their desires without them having to flat out tell me, I felt totally comfortable with the gameplay. I was asked to provide them with some entertainment. I did so by starting to strip. They were both staring at me intently, and then they started to strip too! They beckoned me to their "royal chamber". I complied. There, we dabbled in some interesting prospects that I cannot divulge. The servant must obey their masters, you know...and they asked me to keep their secrets!