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blaire4You're in Vegas with your significant other and looking for something to pass the time that you will both enjoy. What do you do? Most people will hit the casinos, try going out to a club or two and take in a romantic dinner. These are standard everyday occurrences in Sin City. What if you want something more? Consider a couples massage! Here is a rundown of this type of experience so you know what to expect should you decide to take on this delightful session for excitement.

Selection Of The Perfect Masseuses For The Job

When you get a couples massage, it is best to have a separate person available to tend to each client. This means picking out two beautiful women from our vast selection available. Sit down with your partner and browse through the provided profiles. Pick out someone you find attractive and allow your partner to do the same. Make sure you are also attracted to your partner's pick as you may decide to swap masseuses partway through your session to find out what different touches feel like.

Your Women Will Show Up And Make Introductions

Pick out a time and place where you would like to experience your massages. This is usually in the confines of your hotel room where you will be able to enjoy the feeling without having anyone else watch you in the process. Your masseuses will show up on time and ready to give you an indulgent time full of pampering and pleasure. Many couples find that it makes sense to spend some time with their masseuses outside of their hotel room before their session takes place. This gives them time to get to know each woman a bit better, helping to form connections and boosting the anticipation level for the relaxation ahead. You can even swap out your masseuse with your partner's masseuse after this introductory period.

Enjoy The Touches Of Others Along With Your Partner

There is nothing better than seeing your partner enjoying themselves to the fullest. You'll love hearing them oohing and ahhing as their masseuse hits all the right spots on their body. Indulging in a couples massage also gives each person in the relationship a chance to rekindle their romance level in a whole new way. Massages with our women will be conducted completely nude. This is not just you and your partner, but also the women giving the massages. Did this excite you to read? Do you think your partner would like watching another woman touch your body in front of you? Do you want to see your partner being touched by another woman as well? The entire experience is extremely erotic for both parties involved.