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aroura3Tickle, tickle, tickle! Do you enjoy giggling and just happiness in general? I do! I recently had a couple reach out to me and ask me if I was available as an escort to hire for a double date...a husband and wife, and me! Sure I was! Once I met this duo, I found out I was in for a night full of laughter. Read on to find out how my date went!

It Was Fun And Games From The Beginning

When I was called, I was asked to wear something comfortable rather than trying to impress my dates with fancy clothing. They indicated they would like to go out to a comedy show with me rather than hit any nightclubs or or casinos. I sure could use a laugh and I was pretty darn excited for the night ahead. Let's go and find the funny in things together!

We Had A Blast At The Show

Luckily, the comedy show was at a lounge so the drinks were flowing throughout. We all had our share of alcohol and it lightened up the mood even more than it already was with the comedy aspect for entertainment. The couple was very easy to talk to and we basically looked like a bunch of friends having a good time out for the night. At least that is what others most likely figured. In reality, we were playing footsie with each other under our bar booth and we couldn't stop giggling. We would try to outdo each other and make another person laugh during a serious part of a conversation, or during the show itself. It was absolutely hilarious

We Went Back To Their Hotel Room

After the show ended, we all went back to the clients' hotel room for a nightcap. When we got there, it was all hands on deck.... me being the deck! Both of them wanted some intimacy and I was all for it. After a few minutes, the female client pulled out a pair of handcuffs and secured her husband to the bed. We stripped him down and we took turns tickling him with feathers that mysteriously arrived as if on cue. He couldn't stop laughing, and neither could we.

We then all took a turn with wrists to the headboard to see who could last the longest without laughing. This was all done in the nude, which made it extremely erotic. I found out this couple enjoyed restraining each other regularly and they have a thing for tickling. Who knew? I certainly didn't expect this but my curiousity just wouldn't quit and I was in awe of the whole experience. When the tickling ended, we cuddled together for a while. The whole night was one I won't forget!